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Santástico - Welcome to Santos Futebol Clube

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Welcome to Santos Futebol Clube



Santos Futebol Clube have today announced the departure of Argentinian coach Jorge Sampaoli. Sampaoli steps down due to personal matters and has recommended his fellow country man Santiago Martin takes his place. The unknown Santiago Martin has never held a managerial position before but has worked for Sampaoli for the last few years. Like Sampaoli, Martin is a Bielsa disciple and will no doubt seek to implement the formers philosophy into the club for the upcoming season. There is much intrigue around the club about just how the season will now unfold under Santiago Martin. 



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Meeting the Players & Tactics


It's my first day as Santos coach and my first priority is to meet the players and work out who will be vital for our first competition, the Brazilian São Paulo State Championship. Now, we are without a doubt on a shoestring budget compared to the other São Paulo big boys but nevertheless, we will aim to win the State Championship to help boost moral and form heading into the league later in the year. 

After meeting the squad I have decided on FIVE players that will form the spine/core of the team and be integral in our chances of winning silverware this season. 


First up is centre-back Luiz Felipe. The 186cm Brazilian centre-back is one of a few good defenders at the club but Luiz will no doubt be one of the first names on the team sheet.


Next up is one of the best players at the club. Carlos Sanchez. A new arrival at Santos, I have immediately given him the role as vice-captain. Despite his age, 'Pato' will be playing the majority of the games and I intend to use him as a box-to-box midfielder with occasionally playing him in right midfield depending on our tactic. 


Jean Mota is the third key player in my side. His ability to play everywhere on the left plus in the middle means his versatility will be crucial. He also offers a good goalscoring threat from free kicks. 


I had a hard time deciding whether Eduardo Sasha or Fernando Uribe would be my primary striker (Using a summer transfer database) however, upon taking training I intend to let Marinho lead the line and Uribe and Sasha will get plenty of opportunities in my 343 or 433 formation. Yuri Alberto will also be getting a lot of game time in the State Championship.


Finally, this will be the teams most integral and important player this season (I hope). Yefferson Soteldo. He is only 20 but I intend to give Soteldo a lot of game time, as a winger in my 4141 formation and as a striker in my 442, 433, and 343 formations. 




Like my mentor Don Sampaoli, I intend to use a wide variety of tactical formations throughout my tenure. Now this could cause an inconsistency in results however, I believe it will allow us to get the best out of our diverse squad. The formations I will primarily be using are a 343, 442, 4141 and a 433. Like Sampaoli my side will seek to attack and press consistently. Defence starts with attack and attack starts with defence. 




These are the four tactics I will initially use in the State Championship, I will see how results go (note screenshots: I started this save and got a few months in before deciding to make this story so this part is catch up).


More to Follow !


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