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Advanced Rules Bug - Promotion/Relegation Rules

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Please can someone help - I made a custom database with 19.1 and now I'm trying to convert to 19.3 however I'm repeatedly getting the "Error In Nation Rules - Promoted and relegated teams do not match up for..." and it's centres on my U18 competitions upon verification.

Sometimes it will let me verifying the first two leagues then throws out the error, when I tried the entire process again it stops verification on the first league. I've tried all of the obvious options - checking and unchecking the min and max places, recreating the u18 comps and even removing the competitions entirely (this did allow it to be verified but hung on the setting up loading screen when I tried it in game).

I've attached two files 2.2 is the 19.1 version, 2.3 is the unverified 19.3 version. I'd be super grateful if someone can tell me if there is an option i'm missing or identify if it's a bug.

Thanks in advance.

Aswijan v2.2.fmf Aswijan v2.3.fmf

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