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Dynamic finances

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Te request is:

- the ammount of money for obtaining league positions in each league should be dynamic according to its reputation, total number of people on stadiums, etc. IRL leagues sell TV rights and other rights of money dependent on the popularity of the league (number of viewers, european successesm, etc). In FM when u manage in not a top country and manage to establish yourself in Europe so that the reputation of your league goes up, the awards from the league will not increase. Of course it should happen over a period of time, not just one season results cause TV rights are sold for few seasons in advance IRL.

- the generosity of your sponsors should also be dependend to your club reputation, league reputation, number of viewes of your matches, etc. I think that this aspect in FM is also static.

- ticket prices - i think that this aspect is static as well, but i don't know for sure


Thank you for consideration

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