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[IDEA] Dynamic Crowds/ Stadia - South America


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Hi team, I've been playing quite a fair bit of Brazilian and Argentine leagues of recent and one thing that stands out is the match day experience/ level of immersion.

What do I mean by this? when looking at the crowd; it looks like I'm playing at Stamford Bridge or something and for the away matches, they look/feel like a trip to Tranmere or Luton Town.

I feel the stadia and fans look very british and don't feel Latin. (See pic 1)

What I'm looking for is a more atmospheric match, I want to see lots of flares and smoke, ticker tapes, horns, noise and generally just everything being a nit more mental. Also, steep roofless stands and generally a more latin feel (see the other pics)

I believe this would improve the level of immersion and generally add more to the game.

P.S Apoligies if this has already been suggested, I searched high and low


River Plate1.jpg



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