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just want fluid or very fluid back as a button and too play like that for the players, the players to move the ball better smoothly and give us the fans of your game more confidence and also the game briefings the players try and get on board how you want to play and like them, the game should play as a real life game for the players but it does not feel that sometimes when you struggle to score and defend and pass the ball, 

captains and vice captains should do more in player chats in the game to inspire the team 

the crossing is poor as most of them hit the first man 

the passing needs to be smoothly crisp 

also morale needs to be better on a player talk 

game briefings needs for the players to get on board how you want to play 

also when you loose the captain and players need to learn in the next game to play better eg you play Liverpool and win then you play Salford in a cup and draw 0-0 or loose 

freekicks and corners tweaked


hello miles thank you for reading this comment  

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