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Hear my ridiculous idea [FM Touch]

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I was using my amiibo the other day whilst playing me some smash and it got me thinking; What if Football Manager had their own versions? Simiibo :D:D:D

What is it I hear you ask?

Ever wanted a wonderkid or legend of years gone past to appear as a Free Transfer in game? (I get it use the editor right, but there is no pre-game editor for FM Touch)

All I do is order me this sweet Ruud Van Nistlerooy figurine, input the code in the shop and hey presto, big RVN appears either at my club as a young prospect or as a freebie (I havnt worked the logistics)

The could be fully licnesed too with player pics, histories. Each player can sell for say 69p of buy packs for £4.99 each (download only) or more expensive with the figure. Players can range from legends like Ruud, Ronaldo, Nesta, Puyol etc to Cherno Samba, Freddy Adu and Mark Kerr

Okay, I'm not really that bothered about the figurines although downloading past players would be pretty cool.



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