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Severe Drop in Determination

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I've just received an email advising that one of my players has had a significant setback in his attitude and was greeted with this for his determination:


A sudden drop of 10?!

The squad has at the very least decent levels of determination (excluding him now):


His mentoring group also had players determination of 13, 16 and 17.

Does anyone have any idea how this would have happened?

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It's a rare, random event that can affect certain newgens' ambition/determination/professionalism. Those attributes can dramatically decrease (or, in some cases, increase) due to an event that happened outside of football (the game doesn't say exactly what happened, so it's open to interpretation).

To be honest, there's not much you can do.

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@CFuller thanks for the explanation - rather annoying as I may have to sell him now as I've got pretty strict minimums for players in my squad haha!

I had a stern word with him about his behaviour and he reacted with 2 goals and an assist the following day so here's to hoping I get a random increase in the near future ...

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Fair enough. Sometimes the more negative random events can be devastating to a player... but not always.

On FM13, I had a 'Perfectionist' attacking midfield wonderkid who had a sharp drop in Ambition and became only 'Resolute'. He still developed into a very good player, if not quite the world-class one he was expected to become. He was very injury-prone, though, so that probably had more of an effect than his reduced ambition,

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