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Hey guys I am currently managing Tottenham Hotspurs and this is my first season after leaving Barnsley. After every season I decide to make a tactic of my own but I never gets success and when I upload it here, there are just too many flaws to be corrected so I download a new tactic and stick with it for the whole season wishing that maybe, in the next season I would be using a tactic of my own but that season never came. This pre-season too I have designed a tactic and I need critical analysis from you guys. I have played just a single match (Spurs U23s vs Bolton U23s) with it and the results were satisfying though the opponent was too weak to consider the tactic a success. We had 66% possession, 29 shots total, 10 on target while opponents managed just 3 shots, one being on target. We made 11 fouls while opponents made 29 fouls. We scored two goals and conceded zero. I have also included a Raumdeuter for just one reason and that is, Thomas Muller has just got out of contract and you know what that means for a newbie like me, get him in so I wanted to make sure the tactic is working before spending any money on him as he's 34 but has 150 CA (according to FM RTE). So ending the talking part, I present to you, The Assymetrical, 2-3-2-3 (or whatsoever). 


Tottenham Hotspur_  Overview.png

Tottenham Hotspur_  Overview-4.png

Tottenham Hotspur_  Overview-3.png

Tottenham Hotspur_  Overview-2.png

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Hi Ashking,


I am certainly no tactical genius, but generally on these forums people ask what you are trying to achieve.  How you are hoping to score goals, how you are hoping to win the ball back etc.  By doing this, you can start to visualize how your team should play and work on achieving that through the tactics creator.

Having said that, when watching games, do you notice the centre backs can be left by themselves?  At the moment, the wbs will push forward, and the dms (bwm def) may look to attack the opposition with the ball and try very aggressively to win the ball back.  With potentially the wbs upfield and the dms acting like heat seeking missiles, that may leave the cbs exposed.


Edit:  Perhaps have a look at other threads to see how they work through their thoughts.  For example:  this one by sporadicsmiles looks at how he wants to play, gets a base formation, looks at what he wants the positions to do, then gets the tactic to do just that.  Whilst I am not saying go into the depth that sporadicsmiles has, but perhaps sitting with a piece of paper and considering these things will help.  And if you are motivated, you can put them on here so that we can see what you are thinking, then we can offer advice to A) whether what you want to achieve is a good idea, B) how to achieve this.


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Okay, that's fair but my only successful tactic was a wing play formation "Wings Of The Phoenix" which I uploaded here and had got some suggestions so I wanted something like that like which role is unsuitable and where the defence could get leaky or will my wife playmakers create something or not etc. 

Thank you anyways but I am still seeking for that 'critical analysis' I asked for 😅

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