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FM 202x Universal Multi Cross X Platform CLOUD Save Support.

I would love to see this feature feature implemented in FM.

Imagine your at home playing FM on your PC Windows or Linux or Mac OS then you have to leave your home to travel to work or college. Whilst your on the train or tube or bus you pull out your Tablet or Phone Android/iOS and continue to play FM from where you left off to play that important cup game your so eager to play or finish off your last few games to end the season.

I'm sure most of us have used other cloud based streaming services like Prime, NF, HU, Kys Go, etc. So we have experienced that luxury feature of watching something on your TV then continue where you left off and watch the rest of it on your phone or tablet or vice versa.

Another game such as MC and Realms boasts this feature and other similar features as described above where as you can play on your PC then Continue on your Tablet or Mobile or Console as well as all playing together in the same world regardless of whatever device you are playing on pc, tablet, mobile, console etc.

We are soon approaching the year 2020 and it is already evidently possible in the online world of gaming, we just have to implement it. Good things come to those who wait, I guess.

Fingers crossed we see this implemented in a near soon release!

I would love to know what you guys n gals think about having Universal Cloud Support on ALL devices. Please do Let us know your comments below.


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