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Hello guys. I have been managing Barnsley for 3 years now. In my first year, I won the English FA Cup and got promoted from Sky Bet Championship to Premier League. I the next season, we somehow managed to stay up and not get relegated but were able to win the UEFA Euro Cup. This season we are in the mid table in Premier League and have reached the quarter finals of UEFA Champions Cup. 

Now, since my team has been playing above expectations in the Champions cup, I am supposing of my chances to win it. On the other hand, I have got a job offer from Schalke 04 for which I have been declared as the leading candidate with odds as small as 1-2. Schalke 04 is at 14th place in the Bundesliga. 

To be honest, I want a new challenge so I want this job, but then again, on the other hand, I don't want to leave my club until we are eliminated from Champions Cup. But as far as I know, Schalke 04's offer will force me into joining them immediately. 

I wanted some suggestions on what would be better for my career in the long term as I believe that Schalke 04 must have finances and players better than Barnsley, so I would have a better chance to prove my abilities. 

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I’d personally stay until the end of the season. Doing well in the Champions League and an above expectations league finish will increase your reputation and there should be more jobs available at the end of the season when clubs sack their managers

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