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[Request] Make FMT aviable for high-end Android devices

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Hi so, this' the last year I'd be buying FMM in my phone. The game is practically the same every year and it's getting boring. Nowadays that phones are overpowered with processors such as Snapdragon 830 and up, they even have better processors and RAM than most tablets that are aviable to pull out FMT.


Why Sega keeps on offer FMM when, for example, Pocophone F1 (my phone) has the features to run it smoothly?

I understand that processors under 830 arent that powerful and they cant run FMT on them. But the best devices with amazing performance and processors are ready to smash it down.

Should be good if they do this, FMM lacks of a lot of choices and databases.


thanks ♥

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Don't forget about the screen size; playing FMT on a 8" tablet can be slightly challenging, on a 6-6.5" screen it'd be even harder. 

It's not solely about power - it's about usability, and if the majority would be satisfied with FMT on a 6"+ screen, I'd imagine SI would consider it, but they'd have to be happy with the look and feel first and foremost.

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