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International: Camps Should Mean Something & Choosing Captaincy


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When calling up players for international camps (say EUROs or World Cup), I'm allowed to pick 30 players, and then a bit later I have to cut the squad down to 23 with zero indication of how players performed in camp. Aside from a "top 23" player picking up an injury in camp (and using someone from the 30 instead), it seems that camps are pointless. 

I'd like to see "camp ratings" where if one of your best 23 "on the bubble" players has a horrific camp, and one of your next 7 "outside the bubble" players has an amazing camp, you would then have a justification to make a switch. 

Re: International Captains - this might be user error, but the game just dropped the captaincy from my former captain (who is now without a team contract), auto-selected next team captain and vice captain, and I've got unhappy squad players because I "didn't give the captain enough time". Again maybe I hit continue and missed something in my inbox, but if I didn't, I'd like more control over something like this and the option to explain why the former captain -- who was old and not playing well for his club -- was dropped, etc.

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