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few thoughts to discuss

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Few of my thoughts to discuss:

- I think that this was somewhere discussed but amatour/semi-professional or even professional players offered low wages are not so keen to go to a club in different city that they live in, not too mention different country. I don't know the living expences in other countries but in Poland it would be very hard to keep up for less than 100 euro/week after tax day if you are not renting a flat and you are single otherwise the cost would rise up to maybe 200-250 euro per week after tax . I guess lower league players would not be so keen to move. In FM what I see, especially with fan made databases adding lower leagues is that such low profile players often change a club from one city to the city few hundred kilometers away. IRL such low profile players change clubs within small distance to each other. On the other hand, I don't see how an amatour club would know the player not from its region? 


- in FM19 match engine I can't see what is the difference in behaviour of Winger and Inside Forward. Both of them in final third of the pitch are inside the box. Maybe I don't understand the role of a winger but for me Winger should rather be between the box and side line ready to cross or dribble to the box? It is a little irritating for me when in D R/L position I use roles that hold the Full Back in defence or make him cut inside and the Winger instead of staying wide to cross wait inside the box for the pass. In effect I do not have any wing play that I was supposing? And to prevent comments - Player Traits are not a case here. But as I said, maybe I do not understand how wingers play.


- Is there any link between rate of player training and how he perform on the pitch. Maybe there is but I didn't see that since a player can receive like 5,8 or 6,1 rate in training and still win MVP of the match. Shouldn't it be like when the player perform bad at training than his performance should be bad or at least medicore if he is really talented? IDK how to achieve it. Maybe decrease in match condition, maybe decrease only in physicall atributes?

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