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[Suggestion] Something other than blindly crossing it directly into the defender

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The series has come a long way and 2019 is far and away the best one yet. However the biggest immersion breaking thing that still happens in FM is the winger or full/wing back getting alongside the box and blindly crossing it directly into the defender who is right next to him and it deflects into row z. Every. Single. Time. 

I don't see that happening in any game I watch. Why can't he stop himself as fast as his agility and balance allow and then drag it back and dump it off to the midfielder showing for the ball, or after stopping, feign that pass and then knock it past and try to create a sliver of space to get the cross in. 

It is so frustrating (read- sometimes I lose interest to keep playing and as soon as the game ends I save and exit and don't play again for a week or so) to have premier league players bash it into the defender.

I have tried every instruction to stop this from happening, early crosses, cross from deep, cross less etc, it only reduces the frequency of crossing, not the 100% rate that they cross right into the defenders body.

Players with 16 or more crossing should really be bending a whipped cross in round a defender as well, this is one way to get it round a defender close to you, but even Trent Alexander-Arnold smashes it into defenders every single time. 

I score from crosses, but its because they happen when I've gotten someone completely unmarked, it's most effective with my asymmetrical overload formations.

When a wide player is marked or being closed down, he just smashes it into the defender 100% of the time.

Even with 'cut inside' and 'cross less' instructions and being told to 'cut inside more' in the tactical brief, Salah when in that position will also bash it into the defender for a corner. I average more corners a game than happen in an entire EPL weekend.

It's frustrating because I know it can be better. I want to see players, when running vertically along the box trying to get past the defender to cross, realizing that it isn't going to work (anyone with decision over 11) will stop and pass it back into possession, or if the player has the ability, to attempt to cut inside and turn the defender.

The move that has gotten Salah and Hazard and others so many goals is never replicated in FM.

Please surprise us and increase the range of actions taken around the box, especially by wingers, (definitely by inside forwards!) and wing/full backs.

Thanks for reading :)

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100% support. have the same in my save + winger in the final third goes into the box (for me he should stay wider, but maybe i dont ubnderstand how wingers play irl)

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