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Coach Style of Play Adaptation


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This may well already be a feature and I just haven't seen it discussed before, but in the event that it is not:


In the Unofficial Official Training and Mentoring Guide, while discussing the impact that coaches have on the different aspects of your training plan, it was said "You should also look to hire coaches who fit your style of play, however to be honest, this is the lowest on my priority list." I believe that the "Style of Play" a coach has is determined by various hidden Tactical Attributes such as Attacking, Depth, Directness, Tempo, Width, etc., being broken up into Playing , Coaching , Pressing, and Marking Styles and Playing Mentality.

My understanding from the Unofficial Official is that these "Styles of Play" playing a minor, but still relevant role to the effectiveness of your coaches.

My suggestion is that, over time, the coaches you have under your employ gradually adapt their "Style of Play" to be more in-line with the style you train and play with the team. This would, in theory, mean that there is some incentive, however slight, to employing the same support staff year after year and a disincentive to having a large amount of coach turnover. This would also mean that coaches under your employ would propagate your style of play as they move on to manage other teams.

I feel this would mirror real life, in that a coach who cuts their teeth under Pep Guardiola and then moves on to be manager of their own side is more likely to implement a style of play that emulates that of Pep's. Similarly, I would expect my Assistant Manager who has been with me for 12 years before moving on to head another team to implement a style of play that parallels, at least in some respect, the defensive, explosive counter system that I have used for the duration of my tenure.

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