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Players capable of playing Inverted Wing Back

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I've read a few threads about Guardiola's innovation to have full-backs cut inside to central midfield, which in turn creates more space for their wingers and effectively defends against counter attacks.


Not many FM19 players seem accomplished at both full-back and defensive midfield - just the likes of Asamoah, Svensson, Hector, Stenzel, Bernardo etc


Have you found any affordable, buyable players who is both a full-back and defensive midfielder?

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Noussair Mazroui and Rasmus Nissen Kristensen at Ajax both spring to mind. I don't know if he can already play DM in the game but Diogo Dalot has all the attributes - generally anyone who is more of a CWB than a defensive-minded full back would make a decent IWB. 

Oscar de Marcos at Athletic is probably affordable to most top-flight clubs too. 

I would look for guys who are in the BBM mould who are retrainable, or good full backs who don't have too many traits that encourage them to bomb down the flanks,

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