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[Suggestion] Agent Mode


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Over the past few years I've seen new modes added and I think a mode that would be able to generate a following is the Agent mode.

The infrastructure is all there, Imagine you start of picking your rep level...... That influences the type of player you attract to your books. Then you can build from there, attend matches, hold meetings with players you want on the books. Then you can actively work to get good players out of the lower divisions up to the premier or sign up youth players coming through the ranks at a big club. 


"My player isn't playing enough, we want a loan move to continue his development"

Talk to the player, The club don't seem confident that they can match your expectations, we should actively look for a new club, hand in a transfer request.


And then of course you've got to make as much money as you can in agent fees.  :)  Achievements could be, sign a player, you've signed 50 players. one of your player won world player of the year. etc.  

Of course you build relationships with managers/clubs.... Hate Liverpool? make them pay over the odds for your players. 


Looking at the game as is, the majority of items needed for this is in place already. I'd like to see it.  Thanks for reading my idea.

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Football Agent 2020. Wouldn't that be an entirely separate game to Football Manager?

And to be honest, I highly doubt that many people would be interested in this kind of game. You might as well ask SI to devlop a game called Football Press Liaison Officer 2020.

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