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Personality Development - Advice please?

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Every game of FM I play, youth development is always a big focus for me, I know the general dos and don'ts and what to look for when signing young players. I'm playing the San Marino challenge for the first time though, which means for the first time I'm really having to focus on my internal youth recruitment and development rather than scouting out the best youngsters from other teams. The general game is going fairly well, it's 2033, we've won the Serie A a few times, CL finalists a couple of times, and the national team got to the quarters of the World Cup (favourable draw and database settings probably helped me there). I'm hitting a bit of a block trying to bring through top quality Sammarinese youth now though. I have;

  • Junior Coaching: Excellent
  • Youth Recruitment: Extensive
  • Youth Facilities: State of the art
  • HOYD: Gokhan Inler (WWY 12; JPA 14; JPP 12; Model Citizen, Mental coaching style)

I went for Inler because I reckoned his personality and coaching style would lead to a preference for young players with strong personalities and mental stats. He is given the youth development responsibility, so I've not made an oversight there. The problem I have is that the players in my youth intake are almost invariably dire. I'll get a couple of players with balanced personalities, then the rest will generally be unambitious, low determination, or low self-belief, with the occasional spineless or casual thrown in. In terms of PA, there will be three of four at 2-3 stars, then the rest below that - this part I can deal with, you can't expect a world-beater every year. My current best prospect is a 4-5 star PA RB, but his personality is low determination, over two years I've managed to bring his determination up from 2 to 5. This brings me to my next problem...

When I sign a few players from the youth intake, I'll take the ones with the poorest personalities to train with the first team and be mentored by the experienced players with the best personalities. I'll sign cheap, low-ability kids with strong personalities to bulk out the rest of the youth team (I put everyone in the U20s, U18s is unused and has no staff). I've sold star players with balanced personalities just to stop them bringing down the rest of the squad, replacing them with rotation players who are resolute, spirited, or similar. None of this seems to help though, as newly signed kids with light influence gain nothing from first-teamers with significant influence in their mentoring groups (I keep similar positions/roles together). Anyone I sign with a 18-20 determination will decay down to 12-15 in time (I know this isn't the be all and end all, but it's the only attribute I can track numerically). It's all starting to feel a bit futile.

I really need to understand what I can do to improve these two areas

  • How do I encourage players with good personalities into my youth intake?
  • How can I best improve the personality of the young players I do get?

As the only serious source of Sammarinese talent, it's important I figure this one out, so all advice is appreciated.

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