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Okay guys,  so I was thinking to upload about this issue from many days but didn't get time for it. In the last season when I got promoted from Skybet Championship as Barnsley, other Premier Division clubs released the players as usual but the players were unusual. One of them was luis Suarez, a 22 year old one and other was Thomas Muller, again a 22 year old one and their stats and playing position also matches the original players(not exactly). Thomas muller isn't that great but Suarez really is. Here are the attributes screenshot of two players. Is it a bug or something and where can I find more of these duplicates as they are cheap enough for Barnsley

Thomas Müller_ Overview Profile.png

Luis Suárez_ Overview Profile.png

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Am guessing it's random chance. AFAIK the Newgens names are generated from a 'pool' of first names and 'pool' of surnames that are 'randomly selected' and paired together.  Of course there is weighting towards certain nationalities and name-types.

So yeah, I think  your situation will be pretty random and unusual. 

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The Muller example is just a newgen (note - not a regen) so will not be based at all on the real life player. That's why he has a different position, etc. The name is just coincidence. You can also tell it is a generated player because of the face.

Luis Suarez is a real player (as you can tell by him having a silhouette instead of a game generated face) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luis_Javier_Suárez_Charris

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11 minutes ago, AshKing15 said:

Yeah maybe you are right on the muller part. And yeah, Suarez is really a duplicate one having great stats though he is struggling for a work permit. As said, it has to be a coincidence but like Suarez, there have to be regens/newgens of other players like messi/ronaldo/buffon. Any chances of finding them? 

Suarez is a real player. It's not coincidence.

There aren't regens in the game anymore. They're newgens, so totally newly created players, not based off any real players.

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