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FM 19 in 4K: is there a TV that the movement is smooth on?

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UPDATE: Solved

I updated my NVIDIA graphics drivers and set my HDMI port to 2.0 and this fixed my issue :onmehead:


FM 19 is the best ever and by far the best looking iteration  (and that hasn’t always been true for the most recent version) and I have been enjoying it in 1440p on a Samsung monitor. 

I recently purchased a 43” TCL 517 4K UHD (it was rated the 1st or 2nd best 4K under $500 on several sites) and it looks amazing, except when I’m in match mode (I play every match).

When the ball is moving there is a micro jerk, it’s not really a stutter, but it certainly isn’t the smoothness I’m used to with the monitor.

Two friends of mine have 4K TVs -a Vizio and a Samsung- and also say they can’t play FM on theirs because of the jerky  ball movement visuals.

Is this an inherent issue with 4K tv? 

Who here plays it on 4K and has no issues? 

The TV has no settings for motion smoothing, is there something in my graphics settings (the NVIDIA settings on the PC) that I should change?

lf you don’t have an answer for me and you play 4K with no issues please share your setup/experiences with FM in 4K


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Hi, well I’ve got a strong rig, I play DCS on it with no issues, FM rates my system at 5 stars @3840x2160, full screen, very high settings.

It’s factory overclocked EVGA GTX 1070, i7-4770K, 16GB Ram, MSI Gaming MB, two SSDs in Raid array.

It doesn’t look or feel like lag, the gameplay is constant, its just near impossible to watch for long, its something I’ve seen before on a 4K tv at a pub watching sports. It feels like a hz/refresh rate type of thing maybe, I’ve been searching that angle as well.

I took the image below with my mobile, I’ll see if capturing video with it will translate, if not I’ll try the GeForce video recording  

FYI I can now rule out one friend I referenced above, his system had no business playing on 4k lol


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