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I've found this tactic to be very consistent. It aims at balance; good in possession and on the counter.

It works home and away.

It's not an exploit tactic so it may require some interventions depending on what you are seeing. For instance:

When you are leading against stronger or slower teams, you can drop mentality to balanced and instruct to pass into space.
Against very quick forwards (Arsenal/Bournemouth), you may need to drop mentality and/or defensive line/LOA.
When struggling to score against defensive teams, you may need to force issue (increase mentality, go wider or use shouts like 'get creative').

But overall it should work with minimal intervention.



More conservative version (AV433P):




S433P.fmf AV433P.fmf

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1 hour ago, minkind said:


Yes but Aston Villa had a relatively poor squad (19th in the league by wage bill and predicted to finish 18th). The goal tally with Tottenham was better (Kane scoring 30+ and the IF and MEZ each chipping in with 15-20).

1 hour ago, calimero80 said:



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Also the roles are not set in stone. With Spurs I played Kane as a CF-S but with Villa I play Calleri as a DLF because he's obviously not as good. When the opponent is defensive or playing with a DM and the forward is playing poorly, I might change his role to a PF-S as I'd rather have him apply pressure on the defence than getting marked out of the game.

I never play with a DLP and BPD at the same same time. If I have a good DLP (Tonali at Villa), I play with two CDs. With Spurs, Dier is more suited as a DM so I play Alderweireld as a BPD.

Against defensive 442, you may benefit from switching the W-S to IF-S or the DLP-D to DLP-S to overload their vulnerable centre.

If your main goalscorer is left-footed (e.g. Salah), you'd want to reverse the entire setup (IF-A on the right, WB on his side, W on the left, MEZ in CML).

In terms of player profiles, I like complete players with good mentals (teamwork, work rate, determination). Forward players with aggression and bravery as they will be pressing a lot. Flank players have to be quick to capitalise on counters.

When you're an underdog, you might notice that matches will become harder in midseason and you'll start scoring less. That happens because other teams start taking you seriously and play much more defensively against you. You should still be able to win with some interventions. When you do well and the team's reputation increases you'll be able to strengthen the squad and find it easier to unlock defences.

PS: PIs depend on the player attributes and traits. For instance with Villa, my CM has 'dribble less' because McGinn/Hourihane are fairly slow and are better off passing the ball than dribbling with it. Take more risks is unticked because McGinn already has 'tries killer ball often'. The DLP has no PIs because he already has the traits I want (try long range passing, dictate tempo, etc.). If one of your front 4 already has the 'dives into tackles' trait, you should remove the 'tackle harder' PI. And so on. This is not a plug-and-play tactic.

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