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Struggling with Added Kits- Mystery to me


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Hi guys and thanks in advance for your help. I'm no expert with skins and mods, other than downloading kits and facepacks.

I have been updating my 2d and 3d kits with the new season 19/20 images but have a 'rogue' third kit.

I am managing Sheff Utd, and have, up to now, had the three kits, the red/white, lime green and a purple 3rd.

Having downloaded and installed their new (19/20) home and away, I thought move the lime green to become the 3rd kit, so renamed the image files. However I still see the purple third 2d kit on the club profile - the 3D match shows the lime green 3d kit.

I can't find an image file for the purple kit anywhere! 

I've attached the images as they appear in the folders.

Can anyone direct me to possible locations for that horrible purple thing so I can overwrite it with the not-much better lime green?

Docs-Sports Int-grapjhis-kits-3dkits.JPG


Club Profile Screen.JPG

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8 hours ago, bluestillidie00 said:

yeah, where the rest of the 2d kits are 

Awesome, simply copy-pasted the line and changed the references to match the image file - it worked!

Thanks ever so much for your help. 


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