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Football management


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I would like to take this topic to suggest several things:

1- The Manager should be able to contract with sponsors.
2- The manager's salary should be related to his / her status, the higher the salary that the coach can close with the club, the better the coach's status would be. Closing a salary contract in this game is useless, has no use.
3- It would be great if we could see the stadium being built during the seasons.
4- If a player of the team is put to change, the value of him should be considered. The game does not recognize the value of the player you suggest to trade in another, only the amount you decide to pay. This is wrong.
5 - It would be great if the coach could start in the basic categories to learn from the coach of the team until reaching the professional or go to another team to coach the professional team.
6- The substitution of the player should be made during the match, that is, I could take the player that is underneath the window that shows the starting team when the game happens, and then put in the place of what is playing without having to go to another window. It would be more dynamic.

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