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[Suggestion] Improvements to International Management

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Here are some improvements that I think should be made to international management


I think that there should be the option in the responsibilities tab to designate the responsibility of hiring and firing staff to a member of the FA (maybe a technical director). This would put them in charge of hiring staff for youth sides and also an option to do so for the first team. 

Dynamic Youth Rating & Game Importance:

While the youth rating would not change drastically unless over a very long period of time, the performance of domestic teams and their spending on youth facilities should improve the youth rating. Also, if a country puts in a good performance in an international tournament, it should improve the games standing in that country. 

Feel free to add any ideas below if I have missed anything...

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Financial State of a Country and Game Importance:

Obviously football manager can’t predict how a country’s economy is going to improve, so the financial state of a country should improve if a country hosts an international tournament (such as an African or Asian country hosting a World Cup) and this would also improve the game importance. 

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