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Creating a club


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So as the title suggests I'd like to create my own club. Earlier in FM19, I did this on the create a club mode in England at Vanarama National North level and assigned the team no players. But cause of reputation and a limited preseason I found it basically impossible to build the 20-25 man playing squad I tend to aim for such that I got sacked. Twice.

I gave up on the idea for abit, but I want to revisit it. I did some digging and apparently you can create clubs in the pregame editor and, forgive me if I'm making it up, you can "create" players abit like newgens who's attributes are randomly assigned when you start the game.

Is there any chance anyone could clarify this for me and give me any tips as to how to do this as easily as possible? And also tell me if its incredibly difficult. If anyones done this themselves then a few pointers as to the general process would be greatly appreciated too


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