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Alright, I am pretty agitated right now, Fyi. And I haven't been able to find my answer(s) to the problem in the vague SI Manual, imagine that. Apologies in advance for my very frustrated attitude. :mad:  If this is an easy fix, then I will be THRILLED!!!

At the start of my first season I designated my U23 and U18 Head Coaches and Asst. Coaches to completely handle everything with my Reserves/Youths, and not only to keep me informed every 2-weeks(?), but I would also click over and review throughout the season their progress. After all, those were the choices under Staff Responsibilities, right? Wrong. Maybe I am wrong.

I am now approaching the end of October and both my 23's and 18's are dead last in their respective competitions! Irritating? Yes. Examining possible reasons why... I find out that neither my Reserves OR my U18's squads have any Captains, no leadership!!! So I go straight to those team's Tactics, then scroll down to Captains to quickly rectify this asinine problem! Captain and Vice-Captains have been chosen, BUT those two players (both teams) also move between the Senior squad (injuries) and from U18's to Reserves (development & injuries) and therefore, several "Stand Ins" are badly needed. Duh! So what I THOUGHT was being handled by my lower coaching staff, IS NOT being handled. I try to select or drag over a number of Stand-Ins and surprise surprise... the SI program won't let ME do other coach's jobs. Thus, I go to the Staff Responsibilities page (again) to put myself in charge of these squads -- which I really, REALLY don't want to micro-manage EVERYTHING! -- and I cannot do this either. :seagull:

Fine. I come here to read thoroughly in the vague SI Manual as to what my issue is and how to correct it. In this Manual for FM19 under the category "Reserve, Youth and Development Squads" it simply states:



How you manage these two teams is completely up to you. [...]

You can designate a member of your backroom staff to control these teams in your Staff Responsibilities.


If I am totally honest, this is about as useful a detailed explanation about overseeing your Reserve and Youth Teams as reading the manual to becoming a nuclear submariner so you can fly F-22 Raptors. Am I being too infuriatingly stupid? I hope so because I'd love to have a quick easy solution. Shouldn't it be just that easy and quick!? :rolleyes:


Thank you kindly for any help. :)


LATER UPDATE:  July 10, 2019 -- Two weeks later into the game/season and I still haven't figured out how to appoint Stand-In Captains and Vice-captains for my U23's and U18 squads, nor how to tell my Head Coaches of those squads to do it. What is MOST irritating is that both teams continue to lose games and sit dead last in their respective competitions/leagues! :seagull:  Is there no one here that can help on this? Should I contact Sports Interactive directly?????


LATER LATER UPDATE:  July 27, 2019 -- Many weeks later into my game/season and still no solution found. No replies or help here. Therefore, I contacted SEGA Europe Cust-Tech Support on July 11, 2019 about this. They passed on my issue to the FM19 Developers. After 16-days all they have been able to tell me is this:



We received the following information from the developers:

When the coaches state the team lacks leadership it’s not about having players set as captain or vice-captains, it’s about having players in that squad with high leadership attributes.
If you look at both the U23s and U19s the majority of players have ratings under 10. That’s what is causing the coaches to reference to it as a ‘problem’.


As this is well and good, it does not resolve my continuing problem of no Stand-In captains and vice-captains for my U23 and U18 squads when their Pre-season Capts & VC's are unavailable. Meanwhile, my Reserves and Youth game squads (apparently?) struggle with no game Captains and Vice-captains when the Pre-season selected Capts/VC's are unavailable.

I do hope someone stumbles across this problem and helps. Many thanks.

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Update at the bottom.
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