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(FM19 ) Scottish Fantasy pyramid System

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Giving this another go for the new season added a few extra teams updated the leagues improved a few things from last one , managed to get it down too level 13 there is also 2 extra leagues below this .


Take a team from the bottom through the amateurs leagues and work your way up through the different leagues including the juniors

Scottish cup open too 276 teams

British and Irish fa cup for fun 736 teams !

Level 1

Ladbrokes Premier League

Level 2 Ladbrokes Championship

level 3 Ladbrokes league one

level 4 Ladbrokes League two

level 5 highland /lowland leagues

level 6 East of Scotland , south of Scotland , West of Scotland Premier league and East superleague North/South

level 7 highland North / East, North superleague ,  North Caledonian league

level 8 mcbookie East premier north/South

Level 9 Scottish Non league 1 , west region championship, east Region first division,East of Scotland Division one ,Highland Amateur league, North first division

level 10 Scottish non league 2 , east of Scotland Second division west region league one ,East region division 2 ,North second division , Highland Amateur Division one

Level 11 Scottish non league three West region league two, Borders amateur league A, Aberdeenshire Amateur League, Highland Amateur league two

level 12 Scottish Amateurs level one caledonian league , Dundee amateur league Borders amateur league B 

Level 13 Borders amateur league C, Aberdeenshire Division one,  Highland Amateur division Three, caledonian Division one

caledonian Division two

caledonian Division Three

Update added second file this one has no British fa cup and the Scottish cup the way it is now with 101 teams












Scottish Fantasy Pyramid System.fmf Scottish Fantasy Pyramid System Version 1.fmf

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updated file
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