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3 minutes ago, charlie_hyett_123 said:

Hi everyone, I struggle to keep focus on one save at a time, usually being one season before I eventually stop with the team. Is there any challenges for a budding fm player like myself to play and enjoy? It can be anywhere or anything so go crazy.

@charlie_hyett_123, How about Falkirk?

Been out the SPL a while now and at the end of the season just finished (2018/19) they got relegated to Tier 3 in Scotland. In FM19, they start in Scotland Tier 2.

Check this out:


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The Youth Academy Challenge is really ... erm ... challenging but you can make it even more difficult by stipulating that you have to start in England where there more levels in the game than anywhere else.

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Youth academy

Sir Alex Ferguson


British and Irish steel

San Marino club and country

Ultimate football manager challenge on here

There's literally loads of challenges to do

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