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FM-database vs in-game scout

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I play as Hungerford in the english lower league. I always use Steve Rowley as my scout.

I’ve also bought the FM-database in app-store so I can look up players and their potential. Then I let my in-game scout take a look at them. More often then not he rejects them.

So here is my question. Who do I trust the most? The FM-database or the in-game scout?

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  • SI Staff

The potentials in the FM database are what FMM is based upon HOWEVER randomised potentials work differently for youth in FMM than in FM so the correlation isn't always 100% (FMM is more slightly random in general about such things so a random 'high' player in FM with no other data might end up being lower potential than in FM ... and very occasionally a low potential youngster might get a high PA).

So basically how you attempt to cheat is entirely up to you, but that is what you're doing and if that is your aim then why not just buy the in-game editor and go the whole hog? ;)

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