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I think there are issues with the Northern Irish European Playoffs.  My most recent season finished:


League table

  1. Coleraine - qualify for Champions League
  2. Dollingstown - qualify for Europa League
  3. Cliftonville - qualify for Europa League by winning Irish Cup
  4. Armagh
  5. Ballymena
  6. Linfield
  7. Glenavon


Playoff fixtures

  • QF Cliftonville (3) .v. Armagh (4) - Armagh won
  • SF1 Ballymena (5) .v. Linfield (6) - Ballymena won
  • SF2 Armagh (4) .v. Glenavon (7) - Armagh won
  • F Armagh (4) .v. Ballymena (5) - Ballymena won


So in this example, Cliftonville should not have participated in the playoff - they won the Irish Cup and had already qualified for the Europa League and as a result a quarter final is not required.  The only time a quarter final is required is if a team outside 3rd - 7th wins the Irish Cup.  Also, even at first glance the 3rd and 4th placed teams playing in the quarter final is just odd.  The playoff lineup should have been (which to be fair did happen in the game by accident):


  • SF Armagh (4) .v. Glenavon (7) - highest placed team at home to lowest placed team
  • SF Ballymena (5) .v. Linfield (6) - two teams left, higher placed gets home advantage
  • F Highest placed team gets home advantage


(By the way, despite their failure in the playoffs Cliftonville did qualify for the Europa League due to their Irish Cup win.)


Anyway Wikipedia and the official rules can explain it better than me.





Premiership Rules (sections 7 e,f and g)



Also, Premiership clubs should not be competing in the Steel and Sons Cup.  I'm sure this has been the case in previous versions of FMM but in FMM19 top flight clubs are entered in the Steel and Sons Cup which isn't correct.  I believe top flight clubs reserves teams can compete (e.g. Glentoran II and Linfield Swifts) but not their first teams.





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Hi Sebastian,


I've a save (the one after my OP season) just after the completion of the "ordinary" league season and the Irish Cup Final and just prior to the scheduling of the playoff games.  However, I can't attach it as the file is 20MB and the limit is 9.77MB. 


You would see a similar situation to my original post.  Portadown finished 4th and won the Irish Cup - they should not be in the playoffs as they have already qualified for Europe via the Irish Cup win.  Yet they are in the quarter final away to Armagh (again the quarter final putting the team finishing 3rd against the team finishing 4th).  The quarter final is not required in this situation - it should go straight to 2 semis as a team finishing 3rd - 7th won the Irish Cup.


In game:

QF Armagh 3rd .v. Portadown 4th

SF1 Ballymena Utd 5th .v. Crusaders 6th

SF2 Armagh/Portadown .v. Newry City 7th


Should be:

SF 1 Armagh 3rd .v. Newry City 7th

SF 2 Ballymena Utd 5th .v. Crusaders 6th




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