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My upcoming Captain Tsubasa FM19 Database (best to date)

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Hey y'all , i have been working on this captain tsubasa database for a long time , it seems that most captain tsubasa databases i have come across only contains the main characters e.g. tsubasa and wakabayashi at their respective clubs in the future such as tsubasa playing for barcelona and wakabayashi for hamburg so i created  a database to bring all of them together in one league.

With my database i lowered their age to 16 and created a league which i call "japanese high school all star league" which contains the classic teams such as Nankatsu , Musashi , toho academy and Meiwa and others that appeared in the manga , with the logos and kits created and right locations of where they are based.

And with the cherry on top , i also created two new teams europe stars which contains the most prominent players from europe such as karl heinz and louis napoleon and world stars which contains players from other places such as argentina with diaz from argentina and carlos santana from brazil and others that appeared in manga such as vulcan from saudi arabia and others from thailand , mexico , south korea and so on.

i tried to include all players in the manga and even some from animated tv show characters who don't appear in manga such as sandy luke who plays for USA

I am about 85 percent done with this database , i need to tweak some info here and there , add managers and scouts and coaches in all the teams which i hope to finish by this 

upcoming friday , keep in mind that this database wont be percent as this is my first one as a 17 year old  but i am confident that this is the best one yet.



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