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I have never done it myself but have always seen streamers or YouTubers have face packs and club packs imported on their saves and just looks so much nicer. 

Was just wondering what was the best way to do it for MacBook and also if there were any drawbacks to importing them? Such as slower game performance etc.

Thank you.

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Just download, extract and paste graphics you want into the right path. Usually \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 201x\graphics\. Create folders "graphics" if the folder doesn't exist.

And don't be afraid, graphics won't affect your game. It will only take longer time at the start before the welcoming screen will appear but that's a normal thing with custom graphics. But the game itself is in normal speed.

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3 hours ago, BigV67 said:

Anyone know if theres real kits available for clubs in the npl australia league

Google FM Scout …. Then Add-ons and go to FM17 downloads and click on Club Kits ….. There is a Hyundai A League kit in there that can be used in any FM game even though it FM17 . Only thing is it wont have WU or Macarthur 

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