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First of all let me thank you for all the good work done by you. Cheers!

Now the suggestions is about the club finances, is such easear bring a club in bankrupt to rich what's not in line with reality. Even when choosing a team from last divisions in 2 seasons you can upgrade the finances really fast. Bring more difficult to pay high salaries when you are small team can help fix this. So my request is as it happens in FM full version for PC bring some extra reality when it comes to finances on small teams.

This can look like a small or not important feature to add but for all the people as me that found the real fun taking charge of a small team with financial troubles and bringing it to top is really important have such a difficult. The same happens with winning trophies with those small teams, is kinda easier to win. Add more realistic difficult.





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I think this too is another great idea, adding more realistic support like this to the game will for sure make the game If the user does not wish for the option they could simply change it in the in game options - [x] Club Financial Realism ON/OFF but it would be hard to judge I think due to football clubs assets NDA etc.. Nonetheless another great idea dude!

Winner Winner - Chicken Dinner!

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