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How to use the Chief Scout effectively

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I leave my scouting assignments to my chief scout, because 1) I want to be able to delegate tasks to staff members (what is the point having a good chief scout if you are going to do his job for him), and 2) I can't be bothered to set/re-set the network every time I get a new scout, or one leaves.

I have the following instructions set up at the moment:


My issue is that my scouting team never seems to find the great young players that other clubs snap up.

I think 'young' is defined as 24 and below, so my scouting team are set to look for players up to the age of 24. I can understand why they would, naturally, find more 21-24 year olds than they would 16 year olds.

I am wondering is specifying the playing style as 'creative' is counter productive, because a lot of very young players may have the potential to be creative but the stats are too low at 16-18 for them to be classified as 'creative'.

I have managed to use the 'short term' scouting function to specifically look for players 18 and under, which has worked moderately well.

Anybody that uses the chief scout--how do you set it up to find the best players?


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I tend to leave that well alone. As it is a 'General' setting, that's what I want to receive. Cast a wide net. The only limitation I might use is the age range with a cap at 29/30

I then use the reports (yes there's a lot of them) to filter good from bad and particular styles/positions.

If I wanted to find a specific type of individual player, I use the short-term focus. 

My Chief Scout is used for a final report on anyone I am considering putting an offer in for, or who is worth a closer look.

My DoF also does this for me.

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