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Best counter for "looks for overlap"

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So one of my bogey teams in FM2019 have a manager whose tendency is "looks for overlap".


My interpretation of this is that his fullbacks will look to cross from byline. It certainly looks like that when I play them.


What inevitably happens is this bogey team creates alot of chances against me because they overload on the sides with constant crosses from fullbacks and wide midfielders (4-4-2 formation).


My first instinct was therefore to close down all their fullbacks and wide midfielders with the opposition instructions.

This had little to no effect however.


I then thought about it and realized that with their fullbacks pressing so much forward, they would eventually get caught at the back.

So I instructed all my wide players to "cross to far post" in hope that I would catch their fullbacks out and let my quick wingers in (sort of like what Guardiola did to TAA at Liverpool).

It made all the differene in the world. 

Bogey team almost didn't create chances against me, and one of their fullbacks was slated as "nervous" for most of the match. 


Usually when a player is "nervous" it's because the opposition are having a lot of success creating chances from the area that they are supposed to defend.


I'm elated that the match engine works as thorough as this. 

Any more suggestions on how to counter teams who "looks for overlap"?


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Try adjusting your defending width to "wide". This will cause your defence to shuffle out closer to those in wider positions.


If their wide players are caught further up pitch, maybe try distributing quicker and more direct from your goalkeeper. Distributing to the flanks or to a target man might allow you to counter before their full backs have time to get back.

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I would also consider the Hit early crosses TI if you want to hit them on counter utilizing their fullbacks' tendency to get far forward. But a lot depends on how your overall tactic is set up, which we don't know anything about, given that you didn't post a screenshot.

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Also worth noting the 'Look for Overlap' also instructs central players, or players in midfield strata, to hold the ball a little longer to allow the full-backs to get forward.

Possibly a chance to win possession from there?

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