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How to build a lower league club ?

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Hello everyone, 

As Im not that experienced with this game , I usually picked a big club and went on with it.

Right now however, I decided to play a lower league ( Tranmere Rovers league 2 England ) and see how things go.

From what I read on the forums the common advice for lower league is to save as much money as possible for when you go up.

( loan players , dont pay high wages , dont scout on things you cant afford ).

What I cannot find however , is what to spend the actual money on while you are climbing the ladder ?

- Should I invest in getting a good staff and train players up that way so they sell faster and/or for more ?

- Should I try to invest in facilities and try to get a good youth academy becoming a money printing machine ? 

- Should I save up money to get that one special wonderkid , sell him for double and repeat ? 

TLDR ; Im kinda lost what to spend the money on which I read I should really save and on what I should invest in order to realize slow permanent club growth.


As I unexpedtedly promoted , a new "under 23" team is created. Does this team also get paid from my wage budget set by the board ? 

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It kind of depends on where your priorities lie.

If you are looking for 'rags-to-riches' success on the field then invest n first-team squad. If you are looking at building a long-term legacy then invest in youth and facilities. The U23s  (and u18s) are paid out of your wage budget, but you have the option here of building a pathway for youngsters - so shop around the players released from bigger clubs. Make some money from the youth system.

Find a balanced approach.


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I enjoy playing tiny clubs because of the financial challenges. I focus on trying to upgrade training facilities and coach staff with a focus on physical training - always keeping wages under control.

The big thing is to try to find, hire and resell a younger player (not necessarily a wonderkid) and re-invest the money in the club: I sold a young player for 2 million pounds (worth 2 years of club payroll!!), and used the money to hire a handful of players, a couple of coaches, and upgrade training facilities. That was awesome!...

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I am always playing lower reputation clubs.
I have never managed big clubs; I have been job refused proposal from bigger clubs.

First rule: Keep tight wage budget. This is crucial.

Second: I am always invest money at training and youth coach & facilities.

Third: If I have a wonderkid (age 19 - 20); I am always selling to bigger clubs. This is going being hard emotional, but it's business (ok, it's a game). What about 20 mil euros offer for a wonderkid from a country which has 2 mil euros TV deal? That's an equal to a 10 year TV contract. Not bad.

Fourth: If you play an EU club, always try to win leagues. Champions Leagues qualification (money) helps to maintain finances under control.

Fifth: Since you have perfect balance (and good amount) at finance, it's nice to invest at wonderkids from other clubs. That;s require scouting dept. Invest at the best.

Hope that helps 

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Some decent advice already in here, from my point of view always playing in English non-league to start. Key thing, if you have a wonderkid or very good player, you won't for long so maximise your return. If the player is that good, they quite rightly won't want to stay at a low level for long. For that reason, don't spend on transfers unless it's a clear bargain for a youngster you can sell on later. Keep control of wage budget is critical, and look continually for incremental improvements. If you are ever offered cash for a transfer take it, there are thousands of players on free transfers and it is very easy to sign good players for free - so long as you can afford the wages.

Use the maximum number of loans you are allowed to bring in players. If they are from a higher division, they will usually be for 0 wages, so you can use them as squad depth even if they aren't first team level. Sometimes you can also get good enough to be regulars too.

If you do get money, investing in facilities is probably the best idea, although may provide limited returns. There is only so much a lower league facility can do for a player, and given you will be flipping players for profit regularly, it probably won't have a big impact. With Tranmere you won't need to expand your stadium any time soon, so if anything I would invest in the youth team facilities in the hope of a home grown core (but that's fairly random). 


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