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[Suggestion] Natural language reverse scout report filtering


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Reviewing all my scout reports recently in my current save, i feel there is a gap in our ability to summarise/review players our scouts have generated reports for. Over the course of a season your scouts can build up quite a list of players they have reviewed. Currently we can apply filters that focus on a wide variety of information however what we can't do is filter or assess scouted players based on the actual language or points the scouts report on.

I would like to suggest scouted players lists make available new report filtering that directly correlates with the scouting language used and not arbitary filters (i.e attribute X > Y, value < z, etc). Instead we can filter by such things as follows:

  • Strongest area of game
  • Important matches
  • Agent demands
  • Happiness
  • Potential for retraining
  • Dressing Room
  • Strongest attribute
  • Consistency
  • etc

I want to feel as a manager I am reviewing the scout reports and not filtering the underlying player data again if that makes sense. 


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