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PPM to use with low finishing

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I have a wide player in my team, here is his stats.


My question is, how can I improve his scoring rate? I'm thinking of teaching him a PPM like Shoots with Power/Places Shots/Likes to Lob Keeper but not sure which one would do. He constantly gets into shooting positions, and I need him to convert more of his chances. He is at his peak in terms of overall ability. His backup is similar but with a 10 in Composure, cannot seem to teach that one a Shoots with Power PPM.

This is on FM 14 if that makes a difference.

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5 hours ago, johnnyyakuza78 said:

i would go with 'Looks to pass rather than to score'  or even 'looks to round the keeper'. 

I mean he looks like a pretty great winger IMO, I would worry less about him scoring than him creating for others.

Yeah, I was thinking about the "Looks for pass" one, too, though it seems it would actually be a better fit for his replacement now that I think about it again, as that guy really likes to shoot from bad angles. The player from the screenshot is also quite trigger-happy (averages as many shots as my centre-forward) but not as wild in terms of picking his opportunities. He often breaks on goal through the channels closer to the centre.

As for the "rounds keeper", I may try to teach him that. Probably won't hurt regardless. Thanks.

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