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Hi, guys. This might be a well know thing, but it is the first time I have encountered it. Anyway, My top scorer Porsan-Clemente has been sold during to Galatasaray who paid the minimum release fee after the january transfer window. However, it is currently october in my game and he still has not left. Under player contract is still says that Galatasaray is his future transfer destination. Also, only some of the players I have bought have arrived during the summer transfer window depsite the fact that they were signe before the closing of the window. Like Porsan-Clemente, their bio says that they will transfer to my club, but there is no date. Also, in the same category, it keep getting messages about Gillingham is set to by one of my player and the same message arrives twice a week, despite the player is still in my team.  I have never had any problems or bugs with the game before now, so I wanted to let you guys know.

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On ‎18‎/‎05‎/‎2019 at 16:48, lassa16 said:

It will not lay off 


This should be solved within the latest update. To clear this one (which is already present within the game), just holiday for a day or two. After this if you have the latest version (10.2.3) installed, this should not occur. 

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I had this with Saul. Man City paid his release clause but the transfer never happened even though it was listed as a future transfer. Four game years later Saul gets injured and his move, from four years earlier, was apparently cancelled due to a failed medical.

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