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[FM19] From Obscurity To Sirius Contenders: Turning Uppsala Upside Down


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From Obscurity To Sirius Contenders: Turning Uppsala Upside Down


Uppsala is the 4th biggest city in Sweden, behind Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmo. Unlike the big 3, Uppsala has not been successful in conjuring up a football team that can compete on a national level, let alone on an continental level as with Malmo and IFK Goteborg. My aim is to bring success to Uppsala via IK Sirius.

Club Overview



The club had a few seasons in the Allsvenskan back in the 60s and 70s but in the turn of the millennium they found themselves in the 4th tier. In recent years they've clambered up to the top flight for the first time in decades, finishing a record 7th in 2017 but came back down to earth with a finish just above relegation in 2018.


A small, falling apart stadium shared with the Bandy side in the winter months and average all round facilities. Better than some, but by no means the facilities required to challenge.

The Manager



My alias is Olle Kullinger, a man described as a 'prodigal son' who captained the side to back-to-back promotions in the clubs centenary year.

The Players


An aging but relatively well balanced squad who from first glance should be able to keep us away from relegation.


Ahman-Persson is the only player in the first team born in Uppsala. He's going to need to be a leader for us in the next couple of years while we hope that the young players coming through the junior section will be good enough to step up.


If this is anything to go by we're in for a long season. Here we go!


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We were never expected to get out of a group containing Malmo, but the lost vs Varnamo hurt! A win there and we could have sneaked through considering we managed to draw against Malmo.

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15 minutes ago, deltablue said:

I have fond memories of Sirius on FM :)

Before I created the thread I did a search here and noticed that you'd been there back on FM13 in 2013:


2012-13, Worcester City, BSN, 18th, sacked in January.
2013, Tollnes, Second Div Group 4, 11th.
2014, Tollnes, Second Div Group 4, 3rd.
2015-16, Weymouth, BSS, 22nd, left in Oct.
2016, Nest-Sotra, Second Div Group 3, 8th.
2017, Nest-Sotra, Second Div Group 3, 1st!
2018, Nest-Sotra, First Division, 15th, relegation.
2018-19, Raith, First Division, 7th, arrived in January.
2019-20, Raith, First Division, 6th, Challenge Cup winners!
2020-21, Raith, First Division, 8th, left in October.
2020-21, Ipswich, Championship, 14th, arrived in Nov.
2021-22, Ipswich, Championshp, 7th.
2022-23, Ipswich, Championship, 3rd, promoted via playoffs!
2023-24, Ipswich, Premier League, 12th.
2024-25, Ipswich, Premier League, 8th.
2025-26, Ipswich, Premier League, 15th.
2026-27, Ipswich, Premier League, 8th.
2027-28, Ipswich, Premier League, 8th.
2028-29, Ipswich, Premier League, 4th.
2029-30, Ipswich, Premier League, 8th, cup finalists.
2030-31, Ipswich, Premier League, 6th.
2031-32, Ipswich, Premier League, 7th.
2032-33, Ipswich, Premier League, 2nd, Europa League winners!
2033-34, Ipswich, Premier League, 1st! League and League Cup double!
2034-35, Ipswich, Premier League, 4th, League cup finalists.
2035-36, Ipswich, Premier League, 5th, FA Cup finalists.
2036, Sirius, First Division North, 3rd, took over in June.
2037, Sirius, First Division North, 2nd, promoted through playoffs!
2038, Sirius, First Division Elite, 7th.
2039, Sirius, First Division Elite, 16th, relegated and sacked 
2039-40, Ecija, Second Division B4, 7th.
2040-41, Ecija, Second Division B4, 6th.
2041-42, Ecija, Second Division B4, 8th.
2042-43, Mattersburg, Austrian First Division, 1st!
2043-44, Mattersburg, Austrian Premier Division, 8th, cup winners!
2044-45, Mattersburg, Austrian Premier Division, 9th, left in October.
2044-45, Ipswich, Premier League, 4th, LC winners.
2045-46, Ipswich, Premier League, 5th, FA Cup Finalists.
2046-47-Ipswich, Premier League, 9th, sacked in December 
2047-48, Fiorentina, Serie B, 19th, resigned in October.
2050-51, Hoffenheim, Second Division, 9th, arrived in October.
2051-52, Hoffenheim, Second Division, 7th, cup finalists.
2052-53, Hoffenheim, Second Division, 1st!!!
2053-54, Hoffenheim, First Division, 9th,
2054-55, Hoffenheim, First Division, 17th, left in November.
2054-55, Ipswich, Premier League, 8th, arrived in November.
2055-56, Ipswich, Premier League, 4th, League cup finalists.
2056-57, Ipswich, Premier League, 3rd. cup finalists.
2057-58, Ipswich, Premier League, 6th.
2058-59, Ipswich, Premier League, 5th.
2059-60, Ipswich, Premier League, 1st! Domestic Double!
2060-61, Ipswich, Premier League, 1st!
2061-62, Ipswich, Premier League, 5th, cup winners.
2062-63, Ipswich, Premier League, 1st!
2063-64, Ipswich, Premier League, 1st, CL winners!
2064-65, Ipswich, Premier League, 1st, Community Shield, ESC, CWC, League cup and FA cup winners!

What a career!

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2019 Mid-Season Review




We had an exciting start to the league campaign winning 5-3 against Stockholm's Djurgardens followed by an insane 4-3 away win against Malmo, which as you can see from the times of the goals above had a spell of madness! We came crashing back down to earth with a 3-0 thumping against expected strugglers Falkenberges at home which seemed to knock our confidence a bit. Form turned back around in May as we go into the mid-season break on a 5 game unbeaten streak.

League Table


Looking at the table makes the 4 goal haul and win at Malmo even more impressive considering in their other 10 games they've only conceded 2 goals and we're the only team to beat them. We're sitting in a very nice 3rd place and bar a catastrophic run of form we should stay away from any sort of relegation battle.

Player Stats


We've got a pretty settled squad, with a small amount of rotation and injury cover. We have 9 players over 30 in the squad, but some of our best performers have been the younger players such as Elias Andersson and Adam Stahl which is promising



Andersson will be the future of the team's midfield grabbing goals, assists and creating chances.


Stahl is our top creator in the side proving to be a consistent provider.


Kayembe has been impressing in our U19s to earn a call up to the first team squad. He could become a key player in the future!



The finances started OK but are now looking rather bleak.

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2019 Youth Intake



A decent first intake containing 3 players that could go on to become first teamers.


Mattson is the pick of the bunch. He's very well rounded and fairly professional providing an excellent platform for the future.


A few good attributes and a few bad ones, Fryden-Strand will be re-trained on the right to become an Inside Forward.


My system requires a hard-working forward with pace, neither of which Eriksson has, but we could develop him into a decent player. Perhaps if he became good enough we could build a F9 system.

Two-thirds through!



We've continued our good form, including the double over Malmo!!! The fight at the top is pretty tight.

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Overall a record season for the club, but a disappointing capitulation towards the end to fall out of the European places. Considering we were expected to finish 14th and fight to stay in the league I should be happy, but the bottejob doesn't sit well with me.



The results. 3 wins, 5 draws and 5 losses in the last 3 months of the season. Shining light was Kayembe scoring his first goal for the club in the final game.

League Table


Hammarby looked like they were going to overtake Malmo but the favourites ended up with their 5th title in 7 seasons. IFK Goteborg got out of bother in the end, while Orebro and Eskiltuna stayed at the bottom the whole season. With just 3 points separating us and 3rd place it makes it even harder to take the bad run at the end.

Player Stats


Elias Andersson finishes as the standout performer, while our lack of an out-and-out goalscorer proved to be our downfall. All of our midfielders pitched in, but our first choice striker Lindberg ended with just 7 goals. On the plus side, both full backs had very good seasons and inside forwards Stahl and John Junior ended up with 8 goals each.

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1 hour ago, kidthekid said:

really good first season. The future looks bright.

Cheers, just got to hope for a couple of good intakes early on so that the oldies can be replaced.

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2020 Mid-Season Review



A crazy 6-0 win against Goteborg brought up thoughts of a team capable of winning the cup, but it wasn't to be as we lost out to Norrkoping in the QF 1-0 when they managed just two shots all game. We had a terrible start to the Allsvenskan losing our opening two games without even scoring, but since then we've been on a club record-breaking unbeaten run.

League Table


It's only 13 games into the season, but we're sitting atop the table! The win away against Malmo in the final game before the break cemented our place, with Hammarby chasing hard. I just hope we don't capitulate like last season.

Player Stats


The goals have been spread out across the squad, with four players on 4 goals and four on 3 goals. Sam Lundholm has been our star man, scoring 3 setting up 4 whilst creating 11 chances in total. Youngsters Kayembe and Mattsson are starting to get game time with the former staking a claim for a starting position.

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Youth Intake 2020



A very, very disappointing intake. Johan Johansson is the best of the poor bunch.


Jo-Jo's a decent prospect, but he's got a long way to go until he's first team ready.


Kenny pips Rasmus Karlsson as the 2nd best of the intake due to the latter's slack personality. He's got good all round mental and physical attributes for a CB, but a long way to go technically.

July-August Update



The blow of the poor youth intake was worsened by the defeat by AIK 3 days later. We're now 3 points behind them but have 2 games in hand.

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A proper title race! We need to make the most of our 2 games in hand to overtake AIK but we certainly can't rule out Kalmar and of course Malmo in making a break for the title.

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14 minutes ago, David Corperial said:

So tough at the end of last season, but hopefully get to Europe at least this time.

Cheers, fingers crossed!

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2020 Season Review


I was hoping to improve on last seasons position but I didn't believe we could actually win it! From last place in the first two games to champions :cool:

Sept-Oct Results


4 straight wins in September put us in a great position that even when we drew our last 4 games we still managed to secure the league with one game remaining.

League Table


The table ended up looking very close, just two points separating us and AIK. Two of our draws towards the end were 1-1s with goals in 90th and 93rd min so we could easily have missed out! Elsewhere there was a surprise relegation for Elfsborg!

Player Stats


Player of the season was our right inside forward Sam Lundholm, scoring 13 goals and an impressive 8 MOTM awards. Last year's POTY Adam Stahl had a reverse, really struggling to hit form. The fact that we used just 20 players shows how close-knit this team is, but also how little depth we have. We're relying on Mattsson and Kayembe in turning into key players - Mattsson has played a part in 11 games while Kayembe has taken over from Stahl as first choice on the left.

Player Profiles




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Mid-Season Review 2021


Svenska Cupen


Another disappointing knockout in the QFs, this time to the side who finished last in the Allsvenskan this season....Kalmar made their third final in a row and made it back-to-back cup wins.



After the opening Malmo defeat we went on a great run in April. May was shaky, but we've returned to form after the summer break.


AIK are unbeaten so far, but by no means out of sight as we're just 2 points behind them. I can Ostersunds falling away and it being a three-way race to the title between AIK, Malmo and ourselves.

Champions League


We overcame the champions of Estonia at least, but relied on a solid home performance to get past a tricky Legia side. Next up Slavia could cause us problems but I'm hopeful of a good result. We've played in our home Studenterna ground in the opening two games, but now transfer to Stockholm's Olympic Stadium for Slavia. I just hope we can keep our home form up outside of Uppsala!

Player Stats


Lundholm and Kayembe have proved to be a devastating combo on either wing, bagging 25 goals between them.

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Get in!!! That lovely Lundholm & Kayembe combo again :D :D :D 



With the exception of Shakhtar, this is probably the worst draw we could have got. Nevertheless, we've got Europe League groups guaranteed.

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Just now, oriole01 said:

Very impressive to win the title and make the CL groups already. Even if nothing comes of your group campaign you should be very proud :thup:

Thanks, it's come about a lot quicker than expected!

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Youth Intake 2021



After all that excitement, I was brought back to earth with a crash. Shocking intake, just one player worth mentioning.


Eriksson is a half decent prospect - he will be re-trained as a left back as we're solid in CM and don't use AMCs.

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On 21/05/2019 at 00:21, kidthekid said:

:eek: then :seagull: then :mad: then :( and finally :ackter:


On 21/05/2019 at 02:49, Deisler26 said:

Oof. Sorry man.

Just had to avoid FM for a couple of days I was so pissed off haha!

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Not going to say much on this, just gutted to miss out on the league. Fantastic achievement to get to the CL groups but we were torn apart by the big boys. No Mercy. EL qualifying beckons next season





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2022 Mid-Season Review




Fecking awful. Aging players, former key players retiring, injuries and poor youth coming through. I could see this coming. Only light of the season so far is winning the cup. Aim: stay up and don't get sacked.


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Youth Intake 2022



Finally a couple of players to get excited about :D


Linus already looks quality technically for a keeper, should become our no. 1 for years to come if he lives up to his potential.


Big Hampus. He's a colossal centre back who can pass and likes to dabble with playing in midfield and up top. I sense a future cult hero...

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