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Improving my 3412 reading analysis and team report

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Hi everybody,

I'm facing up my second season with Olbia (Italian Serie C - compared to English 1st Division), in my first season I was predicted to fight to avoid relegation and reached playoffs quarter finals, in this one I've to fight for the playoffs even if I feel that I can do better.

In order to carry my team to the legend I chose a 3412 formation, with Positive mentality, because I don't want to concede many chance to my opponents, so, "since I've got possession, they can't score" :)

I'm performing fine, well, I can't imagine that this year Rende and Juve Stabia started to play as Barcellona and Real Madrid , but generally I'm happy of my team result.


Sure, perfection is far away from here, so I decided to ask some help here on the forum, aiming to the promotion via playoff (really can't keep Rende's rhythm, even because now I'm getting lots of injuries...) or at least next year.

As I told before, the system is a Positive 3412.

My defenders are very fast, so I play with Highest D-Line with a High Line of Pressing, trying to prevent opposite keeper short passing.

In possession I like to star patiently from the back and in transition I use counter-press. This system gave me a record of 20 unbeaten match. 



Some info on the roles I choosed.

No-one of the defenders is a Ball Playing defenders due the category I'm facing at the moment.

In the midfield I've got A Deep Lying Midfielder that must construct play from the back, a Standard Midfielder (Attack minded) that must provide movements from the deep and an Attacking Midfielder with 2 Wingback (One on "Attack" and covered by my DLP and the other on "Support" duty.

A pretty standard attack close everything: Classic Centre Forward with a Deep Lying Forward combo.

Well, as I said before, I concede rarely, often I'm capable to dominate, but I've spotted 2/3 issue, and I'd like to correct asap, also thanks to the Analysis stuff.

First of all - Poor central penetration

711238811_Schermata2019-05-03alle15_09_22.thumb.png.ea28da2b7e288d51b5f86158d771a176.png     1295183237_Schermata2019-05-03alle15_09_07.thumb.png.a9e7e6ba7d0045893db04cf9757033db.png


Yeah, as you can see above, I'm very disappointed by my attack trio movements, I'd like to see my AM and my DLF in a deeper position, in order to create "another triangle" right in front of opponent area

Second - Reading match engine suggestion

Another issue I've spotted is that during the game the match engine shows repeatedly 2 circumstance that I'd like to correct:

1 - Too often I see my Left Defender and my DLP passing the ball 5/6 times without building anything good.

2 - My left CD too many times tends to launch the ball to my CF that fall in offside. Well, to be honest 2/3 times the plan went good and my striker beat the offside trap, but is it something I hate f.e. on 0-0 at 60' to see my striker falling in the offside trap 3/4 times in 10'.

Ok, what to do now ?

Ok, as I told before, many injuries are hitting me harder than ever, so my dream to be promoted arriving 1st has vanished...I'm 9 pts down after 30 matches, so it's time to try something new in order to try winning playoff or (at least) dominate next season.

Any ideas ? For example in the middle I can use a different couple of midfielders. A standard midfielder on defend duty with a roaming regista ? Keeping my DLP with a BBM ?
And what about the "High-Triangle" ? May I reach it with a more aggressive AM ? And my CF partner ? Why he's staying so back ?

Any suggestion will be accepted, at the same time I'll try by myself :) 


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5 minuti fa, Experienced Defender ha scritto:

Can you post these screenshots in English?

Do You Mean, Formation ? Everything else is "graphic"...


Schermata 2019-05-06 alle 23.39.33.png

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Tactic in the first place. You explained some of the roles and instructions, but not all. For example, which role is your AMC (T-so)? And which role is your left striker (CAat)? And your keeper (PoLso)? 

Which team instructions do you use other than those you already mentioned? What style of passing, tempo, width etc...?

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14 ore fa, Experienced Defender ha scritto:

Tactic in the first place. You explained some of the roles and instructions, but not all. For example, which role is your AMC (T-so)? And which role is your left striker (CAat)? And your keeper (PoLso)? 

Which team instructions do you use other than those you already mentioned? What style of passing, tempo, width etc...?

Usually I follow mentality styles of play, so I'm on Positive, with standard Width and standard passing.

Schermata 2019-05-06 alle 23.39.33.png

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1 hour ago, Daniele77 said:

Usually I follow mentality styles of play, so I'm on Positive, with standard Width and standard passing.

Schermata 2019-05-06 alle 23.39.33.png

First, thank you for translating the tactic :thup: It's now a lot easier to analyze :)

I know this 5212 system very well, because I use it in my Man Utd save. In a formation like this one, wing-backs play a very important part. Now, how exactly you should set up the tactic in terms of roles, duties and instructions - it primarily depends on the qualities and capabilities of your players. 

The first thing that I don't like in your tactic is your needlessly aggressive way of defending. But I see too many people making that same kind of mistake, so I guess there is no point in going deeper into details anyway.

On roles and duties... Assuming that both your strikers are right-footed, I would swap their sides - i.e. DLFsu on the left, AF on the right. Btw, a DLF/AF combo is a good one in general (provided you play the right players in both roles). 

As for the midfield three - CMs and AMC - my preference would be one holder (DLPde or CMde), one runner (BBM, CAR or CMsu/at) and one creator (APat/su or TQ in the AMC spot). I don't know what would be the best combo of roles for your team, but what you need to always take care is to make sure you have a proper balance. So what combo of roles you'll give to these 3 guys should depend on roles and duties around them (especially consider the wing-backs). 

I can tell you what's my preferred setup at Man Utd, but again - it may not work for you because of a clear difference in players' quality.

F9    AF/PFat


DLPde    CAR

WBat                         (C)WBsu

CDde   CDst    CDde

I play my keeper as a standard GK, but only because de Gea does not have attributes for a SK. Otherwise, my preference would be a SK on support duty.

The next question is what could you do in terms of team instructions to improve the tactic. For example, you can add the "Work ball into box" TI, to encourage your players to try to play a bit more patiently up front and (hopefully) create some better chances within the box, rather than relying on speculative shots and crosses. But for this to work, your players need to be good both on and off the ball, so that they can keep possession under pressure in the attacking third. Otherwise, it can be a double-edged sword. 

Another instruction you can add is Overlap on the flank where your less attacking wing-back is, to make him be a bit more involved when your attacks reach the final third. For example, let's assume this is your setup of roles and duties:

DLFsu       AF



WBat                                   WBsu

CD    CD     CD


In this case overlap right can be a good idea (and with a carrilero it would be safer than with a BBM).

But what if you want to continue playing a CM on attack? Then the overlap right would require lowering the RWB's duty to defend. Like this:

DLFsu     AF


DLPde     CMat

WBat                               WBde

Plus, now the AMC is on support duty again to "compensate" for the attacking CM. 

Finally, what could you do in terms of player instructions? Tell the AF (on the right) to stay wider, so that he can occasionally make up for the absence of the wide forward (AMR) in your system, from where he can either cross for the other striker and deep runners attacking the box, or look to create some interplay with the wing-back and the midfielder before an opportunity occurs for something more concrete.

Then the AMC (regardless of the role) can be told to roam from position, so that he can move around looking to exploit any free space that may occur as the play shifts in different directions.

The more conservative WB (the one that is not on attack duty) can be told to sit narrower, to discourage him from crossing too much and instead looking to pass to the midfield and contribute to a more patient build-up of attacks. Additionally, you can also ask him to take fewer risks (unless he's very creative and good passer of the ball).

But there is one more thing you need to know: how successfully and in which particular way your team is attacking will at least partly depend on how the opposition is defending, so sometimes (or perhaps often) they will pack the middle and force you to predominantly use the flanks, especially when you are the clear favorite to win a match. This is where your aggressive manner of defending can prove a liability. Because when defending in such a manner - high (team) pressing, high LOE and counter-press (plus prevent short GKD) - you are further reducing the already little space your players have to operate within in the final third. 

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Ok, could be a good season (hoping doing well in the 2nd part too...)

1602966052_Schermata2019-05-11alle02_05_05.thumb.png.b8d06491137cbf4d6f992013f40823d6.png      1182803376_Schermata2019-05-11alle02_05_17.thumb.png.0c7a751ad6573b98e36ec7afe9ecdb16.png  


I swap my strikers sides and they seems performing better, but how did You spotted that issue ?

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11 hours ago, Daniele77 said:

I swap my strikers sides and they seems performing better, but how did You spotted that issue ?

I couldn't know what is your strikers' stronger foot, so I just guessed they are both right-footed. Of course, such small things can hardly be the key reason for tactical problems, but the point is that literally every detail can be important when it comes to tactics. 

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....mmmh...Something really unpredictable seems ruining my season...Just after the mid-season pause, I played 2 matches at home...



I know CPU adapt, they recognize me as a better side and everything else. But this seems too much...


Let's back to the analysis screenshots and let's find a solution.


Trapani destroyed my "30 match unbeaten" record with a heavy 0-4 !!!

Looking to the above data the only thing I can realize is that they've played with long pass to avoid my high press. Or my players were drunk because can't be possible this debacle after dominating my league for 22 matches.

My best error went think that "was only a match"...



Olbia - Juve Stabia 0-2

After 2 matches the passed from -8 to -2 so they've opened the league again.

Someone got any idea to keep the league lead ? Drop down the pressing line ? No more "Prevent Keeper distribution" instruction ?



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More info added...
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