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[Suggestion] New General Scout Focus: Tactical Focus


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I would like to suggest a new general focus Scouting option be added that instructs the Scouting team to do continuous scouts for players that fit your current tactic and roles or a chosen tactic will roles. This way your scouts are actively helping to strengthen your current squad or find the next younger generation that match the way you play. It just feels counter intuitive when I get recommend players in a position or a role I have no interest in utilising.

The way I see it working is under General Scouting Focus there is additional options:

Tactical Focus: Any / Current Tactic / <Other Tactic Formation>

Role Focus: Any / <Tactic selected in Tactical Focus option>

Duty Focus: Any / <Tactic selected in Tactical Focus option>

Perhaps this option could also be extended to the Scouting Centre filters as an additional filter option for scout reports.

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