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Receiving scout reports from random teams?

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It's been a few years since my last FM but i haven't been able to fix this. I am playing with the Juventus, and am reciving team reports from random teams, most of them that seem to not have enough details to load.


The scout chief says "this is the report that 'X' scout made. It's a shame there is not enough details about this club' or something like that. They are little clubs, most of them with a few players.


When i go to the profile of the scout that made the report, his current assignment is next opponent. Why is this happening? Neither of my firs team, s-23, s-20 or s-18 plays againsn't these teams he is scouting.

Off topic: I want to play with a friend, but his PC is really old. If i am the host, all the proccessing is done on my end? or is it still demanding for him.


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