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[FM19] Youth Only in Catalonia with Sant Andreu

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Unió Esportiva Sant Andreu


Welcome to my latest thread!

I wanted to do a full-on youth only save, which is something I've not done in a while. As the Spanish league system is my favorite out of the big countries, I looked around the Tercera leagues (4th tier, via steam workshop database) and decided to go for Sant Andreu. My first thought of course was F.C. Andorra but I'll return to that one at a future FM, plus there's already another thread going on for that team. Besides, Andorra legend Ildefons Lima has a past at Sant Andreu so I still feel quite at home :cool: 

Sant Andreu has a long history in the lower regions of professional Spanish football, mostly playing in the Tercera or Segunda B divisions for the past decades. Their glory period was in the seventies when they played in the Segunda Division for a few years. Let's improve on that.

Rules for this save are very simple: I can't sign any players.

I've loaded the top 6 nations and the Dutch leagues, all with their top 2 leagues (except for Spain obviously) to hopefully make the game-world slightly more interesting as we go on. I've decided not to use "add players to playable teams", so the squad is quite barebones...


Just hope the injuries are not going to be too bad...


Top half of the table would be nice. No need to get promoted just yet. As long as I keep my job. We'll see how it goes.



Forgot to show this here, but as I was asked about it later on here is the tactic I'm using this save.


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Top Posters In This Topic

August 2018


Friendlies went fine, although as always they are hard to judge. At least good for morale. Opposition was lower league and some Segunda B sides.


Very decent start to the league, no goals conceded yet!


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October 2018



Decent enough, still possibly going for the play-off spots (top 4). Good win against Llagostera as well.

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December 2018


Disappointing result against Cristobal, a side fighting against relegation.


Top 4 still, halfway the season, and very close at the top.

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January 2019


Finances are... an issue.

As contracts are ending in six months time I was hoping I could renew a few already, but that is not very easy...


Can't go over 8.5K p/a.....


At least we are still winning games.


Even getting us to first place now!

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March 2019 + Youth Intake 1


Probably dropping a bit too many points now.


Llagostera looking very good for the title, but a play-off seems very very likely for us which is great.


Of course they are all bad, but at least now there are actual youth players at the club. Some will make minutes this season.

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June 2019 & Season Review



Too much to ask to get promoted quite yet, but getting here already was more than I expected.




Eduardo has already made it to the first XI of the best eleven after 2,5 months...





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18 hours ago, john1 said:

Gutted to see you lose in the play off :( 

Good to see you're back with another club :cool:

We aren't really ready for Segunda B yet, so I'm not too bothered. Although a cup to play in would be nice for some revenue.

Cheers, FM keeps drawing me in. Always a good time.... when I have the time for it that is :D 

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Pre-season & August 2019


Some bad news to start the season with...


Obviously no incoming transfers, I retained most of the players from last season, but the core is even smaller now. The youth players will be needed...


I am not expecting to reach the levels of last season, a decent top half finish is more likely.


Friendlies went okay, two defeats against Segunda B opposition.


Not a great start to the season.


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September 2019


Continued to struggle at the start of the month, but a few good wins against some of the weaker teams in the league helped us get some form and we seem to be going well now.



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October 2019


Continuing our streak, that's 9 wins in a row now! But as those 2-1's show it's not exactly like we're steamrolling our opposition.


It does mean we're entering the fight for the play-off spots again.

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November 2019


Of course as I get excited about our streak we then go on to lose 2 games in a row - even though we dominated those matches. And the game where we actually had a tough time we win 3-2. That's football (manager) for ya. 



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December 2019


Played three of the better teams in the league in Espanyol B, Reus B and our fierce rivals Europa. To not lose any of them is pretty good. 


Very tight still, many teams have a shot at the play-offs. Still a long way to go.


My first job offer, from a team in the Segunda B - said no, of course.

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March 2020 + Youth Intake


A mediocre month. Inconsistent like the entire season really.



Last year's was also called a Golden Generation, so that doesn't mean much.


It does seem to be slightly better than last year's intake, though.

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April 2020


A strong month overall, excluding the loss against Perelada, who I've just found out are really Girona's B team.


With two games to go in the regular season we have secured play-offs, and it remains to be seen if we finish second, third or fourth.

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May 2020 


Poor results going into the play-offs and it was going to be very tough anyway... so we'll stick around in the Tercera for at least another year (I expect it to be multiple).


Season Review


A bit worse than last year, but with the youth players making more appearances I'm fine with that. Still made the play-offs, which I was not expecting at the start of the season.





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After reading your awesome save in Kosovo, I'm finally glad that you started a new save in Catalonia! Hopefully, you'll be ready to take down Barcelona and take over La Liga soon.:)

Good luck in your new save and I will follow your progress in Sant Andreu!

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3 hours ago, Sysiphus said:

Two good seasons in my opinion. This will take some time. Keep it up!

I agree with you. Cheers!

23 minutes ago, sherwinriga said:

After reading your awesome save in Kosovo, I'm finally glad that you started a new save in Catalonia! Hopefully, you'll be ready to take down Barcelona and take over La Liga soon.:)

Good luck in your new save and I will follow your progress in Sant Andreu!

Thanks mate, for now it'll be challenge enough to return to being fully pro and promoting. We'll see in a decade or two (or more...) if we can compete with Barcelona. 

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Pre-Season & August 2020


A few more senior players left, either due to retiring or due to financial issues. Including the only senior goalkeeper. I have two youth goalkeepers at the club currently rated with 3 silver stars for their current ability so that might become a slight issue...

 This is the new squad, with all players that remained on much lower wages. All youth players still on their youth contracts.


With a weaker squad we are now only predicted to finish in 15th place. Lower than newly promoted F.C. Andorra! Happy to see them here anyway.


Friendlies went in a similar fashion as last year - lost to the segunda b side but won against opposition from our level or below.

August 2020


Surprisingly we had a perfect start to the season! Not sure where this came from but not going to complain.


I would not be surprised if Prat, Pobla Mafumet and Terrassa are going to be the strongest sides in the league, so when we face them we might have a good test to see if we can stay at the top of the league.

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19 hours ago, WillHoward42 said:

Following this one, good luck!


14 hours ago, oriole01 said:

Following as always, Spain's a country I'd like to get around to managing in the near future. Best of luck!

Thanks man, Spain is my favorite of the big nations to manage in. Although I haven't managed much in Germany recently so that'll be on the cards for a future save.

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September 2020


Couldn't quite deal with one of those top teams in Pobla Mafumet, but had another pretty strong month otherwise.


In line to take top position.

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November 2020


A stronger month again, until the defeat against Terrassa.


It remains close at the top, as Pobla Mafumet has dropped some points this last month.

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December 2020


Important win over Prat but otherwise not the best month.


Very very close. Title definitely possible, but missing out on the play-offs could happen just as easily. Need to try to stay as consistent as possible.

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January 2021


Decent month overall, even if we did lose to the leaders.


Still close as everybody keeps dropping some points.

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March 2021 + Youth Intake



If we had won the last game of the month against Rubí, which we really should have done, we would have grabbed first place. Still can, as we have a game in hand. A play-off spot should really be secure now.



Oh look, another golden generation... looks good, if we ignore that almost the entire intake is unambitious. Oh well. Can't be expecting professionals at this stage. 

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May 2021





We won the title! Really unexpected. But that is not the end. We still need to get through play-offs to get promoted.


And, well, after a very good opening leg we lost out to Mensajero in the champion play-offs. Now we need to try to get through the promotion play-offs, first by beating Gernika and then hopefully another side to get to the Segunda B. 

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June 2021


A very close battle against Gernika but we just had enough to go through. In the final we had to play Hospitalet, who finished fourth in our league. Not easy, but we did it.


I think it will be a big struggle to stay up in the Segunda B next year but who knows. For now it's great to get that promotion in!

Season Review






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  • 2 weeks later...

Took a bit of time of FM, first busy and certainly had no mind to spend any time thinking about football for a bit after wednesday. Today is a different story though :) 



Not the greatest of performances in the friendlies, defensive issues abound.


A lot of promoted sides in this league it seems, and we are rated the lowest. Unsurprisingly. Goal will be to not get relegated.

August - September 2021


First a tough start including sadly a loss in our first cup game. But then a sudden turn of fortune and a lot of valuable points in the pocket. Still mostly due to 35-year old striker Muñoz with his pace of 5.

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October 2021


Another pretty good months all things considered, 8 more points.


10 points ahead of the relegation spots already. I'd be happy if we can stick around the middle of the table.

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November 2021


First time I had this happen. Maybe relevant for later on.


Kept the number one in the league Osasuna B to a draw, but lost to a side that hadn't won at all yet in Brea. Hmm. Goalscoring is our main worry.


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December 2021


Not a great month until the last league game. Disappointing to go out of both cups in the first round, though.


Still mid-table; 5 points ahead of the relegation play-off spot 12 points ahead of the automatic relegation spots. Need to continue to get points in the second half of the season, but we are certainly doing okay.

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January 2022


Some relatively tough opposition so 5 points from 4 is definitely okay.


Dropped down to 14th but with only 1 point less than 9th. 9 point lead to 16th, which is most important.

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February 2022


Oh dear. Bad month in general, and the less said about the Calahorra game the better. Red card after 2 minutes and then 90 minutes of pain.


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