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Screen flow not stopping game on selected screen

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I have set up my screen flow to stop game on fixtures/results in the evening but its not doing it. Does anyone know why this is not working?


Has it changed from last year?


It does not stop for any of the options.


Totally ruining my immersion :(

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Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately that's the only thing i have :(
I hope you manage to sort it out :thup:
I'll give it a shout if i figure something out, if nobody else has in the meantime.

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Hey, bumping this topic up, as i have the same issue and i have tried every combination under screen flow and it still does not work. Screen flow worked without any issues in FM18. I can't seem to find any solution.

Appreciate any sort of help.

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What I've noticed in this edition, if you previously added an entry that was not like you wanted and you change it, it stops working all together (like changing the screen from "standings" to "fixtures and results").

You need to remove the entire line and add it again with the values you like

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i'm having the exact same problem when i want to to stop at the completion of a comp it just reverts to N/A

on previous versions it would say at completion but this version it just say's N/A

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