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Issue with teams not matching fixtures.


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Good day to all of you wonderful people,


I have an issue I can not seem to figure out how to solve. I have been playing with the editor, creating my own team, players, etc. But for some reason, I am getting ''number of teams does not match with the the number of teams in the real fixtures''-error.

This issue only pops up when I have swapped a League two team with my Created Team and go into the advance rules editing. When I swap the teams and do not mess with the Advanced Rules, it's fine. If I keep the basic teams and mess with the Advanced Rules it works fine as well. This error only shows up when I verify the rules when my Created team has been swapped into the League Two and I work with the Advance Rules. It is driving me mad... >_< I am guessing it is something stupidly simple, but I am just not seeing it.


Any help and advice would be massively appreciated. Many thanks in advance, peoples! :D 

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