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Football Manager 2019 max leagues load

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There is no limit

I have ran every league on the game (fm18) with classens megapack and it did not crash even though it took about 2 hours to process a month, If you have an old machine though or low processing power or ram it will probably crash if you go berserk and load too many players or leagues

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I run all leagues and divisions from riddler's pack (including claassens) with a couple of additional lower league files (England, Italy, France, Sweden, USA etc.) and I retain all players (I think) (645 000)

Of course, most of the leagues are on view  only, 9 countries are on full simulation. I don't think running all leagues on full simulation would even work.


I don't mind the game being slow though but it does seem a fair bit quicker this year than last.

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