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FM19 - The Community Formation Experiment

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On 10/04/2019 at 18:22, Fosse said:

I hate it so much. In friendlies I've tried playing very high up to try and avoid the issue of the space in behind the full backs bu we're susceptible to long diagonals in behind. I've trialled playing very deep as well to compress the space but still the wide players don't pick up opposition wingers - I'll have to try the WMs on defend 


Wow, I thought my formation was crap, but this is worse.

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Apologies to those who have said they wanted to sign up over the last 10 days or so - if you dont tag me i dont see it in this thread as i have not been keeping an eye on it. Assuming some / all of you still want a go......

@Dwarf 4231 narrow 

@>LJ< (Tagging wont work on that name) - 343 

@Fraser - 4240 DM Wide

@thels - 5122 DM narrow 


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@bere23 - 4222 DM Narrow


Also mate worth reading through the opening few posts as it seems like maybe you have not quite grasped it :) We are all managing the same club

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This is absolutely awesome! How come I never knew about this community experiment?

I definitely have to take part next year. Or maybe even... hm. Let me think about it. :D 

We are doing a similar thing at a German forum where a dozen users are playing the same team for a season. We don't distribute formations, but obviously often people come up with different ideas and it's incredibly fun to discuss a team and its potential in-depth with other people who are playing exactly the same team right at this moment.

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Wow, I'm surprised: Betis actually looks like they have depth and quality that can handle a 4231 narrow! I'll most probably need to move Carvalho up from DM and use Guardado as a midfielder which sucks since Carvalho needs to learn the role and Guardado isn't as defensive as I would like...

In terms of where I need to improve, I would say midfield, but honestly I feel like we REALLY lack quality in terms of left backs and right backs. This is especially important since we're playing a narrow tactic, so it's what I'll most probably focus on trying to secure with winger-money. I still need to figure out my tactic fully, but I feel like I have a good start here so far.

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Already had a quick glance at the squad and I'm probably gonna go for something like this in most games:


Basically a possession-orientated setup with some overlapping wing backs and a decent bit of pressing. Not far off the classic Barca tiki taka style.

Against the big boys in the division I'll probably go for something a little different (also varying the personnel):


Much more counter-orientated but with more speed and varied movement on the break. I'll crack on with the playing side this week I reckon.


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