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I’m attempting to create a club using the full editor in FM19 and I am 90% complete but have a few nagging issues I can’t seem to solve. Any help would be much appreciated!

1. Data Analyst facilities. I can’t find where I can give my club data analyst facilities. When I start the game my club has no data facilites which obviously isn’t ideal. I can ask the board to improve but I would simply prefer to start with something.

2. U23/U18 competition. I entered my club in sky bet league 2 by replacing a current team. This worked fine for the senior team but my junior teams only have friendlies scheduled. Do I also need to use the full game editor to assign my junior teams a competition  as well?

3. Club badge. I am happy to use a generic club badge but would like at least minaml input (like when using the in game create a club feature). Where can I do this in the editor?

Thanks in advance!

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