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FM Mobile 19 - Crashing every time I play

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I'm playing on a Huewai p10. 

Everytime I play my game will crash. Most of the time it is mid-way through a game simulation, although not always. Some times it crashes just on the game interface after I have loaded my game. 

After the inevitable first crash (within 10 mins) the second time I load it usually plays for a few minutes longer, but will definitely happen again.


I have no idea what to do to solve this, but it has made my game unplayable. 


The game will just exit without warning, no pop up saying app closed or anything, it just closes and I end up on my app screen. 

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  • SI Staff

Would you mind indicating if you have updated to the latest version of the game (the version can be found at the top of the credits page) and what match engine you are using? (ie. Enhanced or Original). Thanks.

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